The LEDGE – The Best Auto Cup Holder


The LEDGE – The Best Auto Cup Holder, Cup Holder, auto Cup Holder, Large Drink Holder, car Door Cup Holder

  • These are big cup holders so please see all measurements in the pictures. The LEDGE patented design was made for bigger sized drinks, therefore it is sized accordingly. It SECURELY holds tall and top heavy 44-52oz+ sized drinks, 30-44oz ‘silver tumblers’, fat-bottomed sports bottles and more!
  • The LEDGE is made of smooth, sturdy plastic and has a 4” wide ‘ledge’ to keep your drink from toppling over while accelerating or braking. The 3” deep window insert/tab prevents it from popping out while in use.
  • The window insert/tab inserts snugly between the (interior door) window glass and rubber seal. Installation may take a little more effort and patience than expected, but it’s SO worth it! Videos are available on The LEDGE Facebook page and TheLedgeCupHolder website.
  • The LEDGE loves speed bumps, potholes and stop and go traffic! It will not fall off when opening or closing the door, however, liquid may slosh out of the drink opening of your cup, so use caution – especially with hot liquids.
  • The LEDGE is MADE IN THE USA! It only comes in black, but you can paint or decorate it to make it uniquely yours! (Do not paint any part that will be in contact with the window or vehicle interior or upholstery). Find and like us on Facebook and show us your LEDGE!


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